How To Sell Your House Fast In Hawaii

How To Sell Your House Fast In Hawaii

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You have a house in Hawaii and you have decided to sell it. How do you start, where do you begin?

Selling a house is a hard decision and you might be overwhelmed. Whether you have a house in Big Island, Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, Lanai, or any other cities in Hawaii, with some research you can be your own real estate agent and selling your home in any Hawaiian cities?

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Prepare Your House For Sale

Clean your house inside and outside. Remove your personal belongings. Repair and reconstruct if necessary. Give your house fresh paint. Make it ready to move.  Place “House For Sale” poster on your house.

Buyers always want to move into a nice neighborhood. Thus, talk to your neighbors and tell them you are selling your house.  Tell them to give positive remarks about your house to the potential buyers. Take pictures of interior and exterior and show them to the potential buyers and property dealers. When you are showing your house to the potential buyers, real estate agents or property dealers, make them a good impression. You can sell your house in as it is condition (which may need repairs) or ready to move in (renovated), set your price accordingly.

Get in Touch With Brokers, Property Dealers, Or Real Estate Companies

Register your house with property dealers or real estate companies in your city. Give them the pictures of interior and exterior of your house. Have them inspect your house. Set a selling price. Talk about how much commission they are charging to sell your house.

You can also talk to a real estate agent directly. However, while choosing real estate agent or broker, you must remember her/she must be based in the Hawaiian city where your house is located. Always look into the agent’s portfolio and choose only when he/she has experience.

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Find Real Estate Websites

There are lots of websites that deal with buying and selling house. Register your house on the website. While choosing a website, try to find out whether it works on your city or not. If you have a house in Honolulu, there is no point in going to the dealers who deal with house in Big Island. You can make your offer along with the details of your house. Or you can also contact the website and talk about your house.

Advertise on Newspapers or Websites

Classified ads are cheap, but results are very positive. Alternatively, you can also have bigger ads on newspapers and website. You are selling your house and there might be people looking to buy a house. When you advertise your house, the potential buyers may find your house.

Understand the Legal Issues

If your house is mortgaged, first talk to the mortgage lender about selling your house. Find out about the necessary paper work. You must also hire a solicitor to deal with legal work to transfer the property rights. Talk to the officers at the city council or municipality office and understand all the clauses of selling a house.

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Negotiate Properly

Understand the unique selling proposition of your house and negotiate wisely. If necessary, you may also lower your price.

Selling Your House in Hawaii: Points to Remember

  • Selling your house in Hawaii starts with pricing.
  • De clutter your house, clean interior and exterior.
  • Remove your personal items such as photographs and wall hangings.
  • Repair, renovate and paint, if necessary.
  • Make a note of unique selling properties of your house.
  • Place a poster with “House For Sale” on the front yard or gate of your house
  • Talk to your neighbors and tell them you are selling your house. They might get you a buyer or tell positive things about your house to the potential buyers.
  • Advertise your house on Hawaiian newspapers or local newspapers.
  • List your house online real estate websites and companies based in Hawaii.
  • Get in touch with property dealers, brokers or real estate agents in your town.
  • Show your house to the potential buyers and property dealers.
  • Pay utility bills (water, electricity etc.), house tax and do the paper work.
  • Get ready for negotiations.




  1. Vinaya says:

    Very informative. I believe these tips also work for selling house elsewhere.

    1. Indar Lange says:

      Thanks, Let me know if I can help in any way. Or you have any questions. Here to help!

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